About us

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ZAMSHIRT is the creation of an Environmentalist/Consultant/Writer who couldn’t find any cool t-shirts in Zambia. Before ZAMSHIRT started in late 2008 there were some ideas from friends K and M about printing really local messages with a twist on T-shirts, but it never took off. So here we are, stumbling forward in small scale, but with potential for expansion.


We use T-shirts and tank tops made from organic cotton to the highest extent our supplier can provide. For some reason that means 100 % organic for men’s T-shirts, but only 5 % organic for women’s T-shirts and tank tops, don’t ask us why.


All our clothes are made in Africa, but unfortunately not in Zambia, as the cotton industry here sadly doesn’t produce anything of good enough quality. They’re left with making uniforms in ill-fitting cuts for security guards and students.